About Dino-Daisy

I am an Australian mum living in NE Scotland with my two gorgeous fellas - my British hubby and my 5yo son. (Not forgetting my two old dogs). I adore living up here, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, friendly locals and wonderful friends but to answer my most commonly asked question, yes I do of course miss Oz. :) Family and friends most of all followed closely by a hot summer and alfresco dining sans midge!! But Scotland is an amazing place and it is here that is home. The history, scenery and vibration is invigorating and inspiring. 

In 2010 I was a mum at home with my wee man and reluctant to go back into a 'real day job' so looked for something I could do from home for a few extra pennies.  Back then, Amber Teething Necklaces were just becoming popular as a natural relief for teething and I was so desperate at how miserable my little lambie was, I wanted to try anything.  However, I was disappointed with the quality of the one I had purchased and set about restringing it.   An idea began for form.....

I had majored in jewellery making whilst studying teaching at Uni in Melbourne and had a passion for all things creative and crafty. I decided to look for a reliable amber supplier in one of the Baltic States and after finding a couple who offered me high quality, 100% authentic Baltic amber beads, I placed my first order. Since then there's been no stopping me. I had beading callouses and loved nothing more than sitting down after my little man was asleep and creating new pieces. 

However, a series of changes caused me to take a new direction in my jewellery making and I started back to my original love of silversmithing.  I now offer a range of original sterling silver personalised jewellery and sometimes add splashes of colour to my pieces with vitreous enamels and cold resins.  I take a lot of inspiration from where I live - between the coast and the mountains in this fabulous part of the world.

 I do hope the pictures speak for themselves, however if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will reply promptly. 

Kate xx